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Derek Fiddler.
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Grad. Dip. EDP, Chisholm. (Monash University)


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Teaching and eLearning Selftest-wiki

The selftester has been been rewritten to enable it to run on the internet.

A multiple choice selftest-wiki where the questions and internet links are input by the Users. A collaborative activity that benefits educators and students alike. The software accepts new questions and can build into a valuable teaching and learning resource for any subject.

The software can also act as a proctor for examinations and includes reports of examination results in summary format suitable for class lists or in detailed format suitable for individual students.

The software needs question files developed using key facts of various subjects. The selftest-wiki elearning software is also applicable to commercial and other endeavours apart from it's usefulness to mainstream educators and students.

Results are downloaded from the internet and then processed on a Windows PC by the Analyser program
view screen.

Collaborators are wanted to develop questions suitable for secondary education subjects. It is envisaged that question files will be made available to others for a fee and that a 10% royalty on sales will be paid to contributors at the end of each financial year.

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Albedo Offset Calculators

Low albedo, unreflective surfaces, absorb sunlight and get hot. High albedo, solar reflective, surfaces reflect sunlight and stay cool.

Choosing high albedo or solar reflective materials for roads, roofs and footpaths, as well as, the walls of buildings, can help mitigate climate change both locally and globally.

The albedo offset calculators program calculates the global warming offset that increasing the albedo of urban areas globally, or for square meters of a local area such as roof or a city, would provide in kilograms of CO2e, watts, Dollars and also as a percentage of current global warming.

When this program was first written global warming was 0.7 degrees Centigrade. It is now 1.0 degree Centigrade and increasing at an accelerating rate. However, the program enables one to configure the current value.

There is also the
Albedo IR Calculator that enables one to calculate the albedo of a material or coating with an Infra-red thermometer and black and white reference tiles. The program calculates the relative albedo of a sample using it's temperature in relation to the reference tiles' temperatures and estimated albedos. The calculator will work with Centigrade or Farenheit measurements.

When selecting materials and coatings for sun exposed surfaces it is not always possible to compare all of the candidates at the same time and in the same place. The Albedo Kit enables one to calculate, using the Albedo IR Calculator, a quantitative measure of a material or coating's albedo.

Although the calculated albedo may not be exact, the calculated values enable the comparison of materials and coatings on different days, at different times and at various places. The relative calculated albedos of the various materials and coatings are accurate and thus enable quantitative comparisons to be made.

More albedo and urban heat island information...

Albedo Offset Calculators (Windows PC)

Download "Albedov81.zip" - It contains the Albedo Offset Calculators installation program - "Albedov81.exe"
Albedo Offset Calculators vers 8.1

Try the online local albedo offset calculator. It has a limit in area of up 1 million square meters and gives the kilowatts of offset to global warming, as well as, the tonnes of CO2e and a dollar value for the offset. Meters can be regarded as square kilometers and the calculator's results multiplied by 1 million.


Rich Digital Image

Swatch from the larger digital image

A rich digital 500 x 500 pixel image. Generated using a pseudo random number sequence from an encryption program that I wrote. If you would like a copy of the image then "click" your righthand mouse button and choose "Save picture as" to save the image when you view it.

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Derek Fiddler.


t: +61-3-9434-7460 m: 0439-901225
o: Unit 2, 33-37 Lorimer Street | Greensborough
p: PO Box 152 | Greensborough VIC 3088 | Australia

ABN: 92 952 412 996
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